MacDiarmid sponsors aspiring scientists

The MacDiarmid Institute is pleased to sponsor two pupils who will attended the the 2009 Asian Science Camp in August in Tsukuba in Japan. Georgia Stewart, Wellington East Girls’ College and Hugh McHugh, Lindisfarne College, Hawkes Bay.

Georgia was chosen from the top achievers in the International Young Physicists Tournament and Hugh from the top achievers in the Chemistry Olympiad, both events were held earlier this year. The Asian Science Camp is modelled on the Lindau Science Meeting which has been held in Germany for more than half a century. About ten Nobel Laureates and world-distinguished scientists are invited to attend the event. The aim of the meeting is to promote cross cultural friendships and cooperation in the next generation of scientists in Asia. Georgia and Hugh leave on the 2 August for this exciting 6-day adventure in science. For more information see The Asian Science Camp site.